More than just search

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 5:00 PM

Today's the day that Google Desktop 2 comes out of beta, and that means you'll see some significant improvements -- like new sidebar panels, more plug-in development options, and better support for enterprise installations.

If you like maps on Google Local, we think you'll like the new Personalized Maps panel. As you browse the web, this panel will display maps information related to the pages you're visiting, it can show you interesting places around the world, or you can directly navigate to your favorite spots. Our sidebar panels collection is growing all the time. Try the most popular panels and watch this space for even more additions.

Meanwhile, if you're a sidebar plug-in developer, good news: we've heard you. And we've added support for script plug-ins. We even provided you with an automatic plug-in installer. Just use your favorite scripting language (such as JavaScript or VBScript) and start implementing and deploying cool plug-ins faster than ever. Check out the plug-in samples, the Developer Guide and other exciting sidebar plug-ins that our developer community has published.

Finally, it's now easier to use Google Desktop at home and at work: we've tested the Enterprise version in a number of medium and large businesses to verify the administration, integration and security features that are important within business environments.

As always we value your feedback and would love to get your suggestions for improvement.